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Gstaad Through the Eyes of the Falcon

Distribution partners (read this in a PDF)

Eye Candy Publishing proudly announces the publication of Gstaad Through the Eyes of the Falcon an aerial perspective of the Saanenland and its surrounding valleys.

This is not your regular book project. It is a coffee table book that is unique because it takes its readers high above the ground and displays gorgeous views only falcons and their feathery companions get to see. It shows familiar landscapes from an awe inspiring and breathtaking perspective.

Eye Candy Publishing via ORCA EIRL (www.orcachile.com) has published similar books on Chile, which recently appeared in the 4th edition and placed second in the Theobaldo de Nigris Prize 2017. Müller Medien is the local publishing house with extensive local knowledge and publishing experience.

Eye Candy Publishing is inviting individuals, enterprises, hotels, and clubs to display themselves inside the book and its marketing campaign.

The product and its readership are equally outstanding. In order to match the exclusive content and its target readership, Eye Candy Publishing and Müller Medien invite you to provide an exclusive distribution outlet via guest rooms and other outlets of your hotel.

Become part of Gstaad Through the Eyes of the Falcon as a sales partner and if interested as an advertising partner as well.

Terms and Conditions for Sales Partners

  • Parties interested in becoming a sales partner should contact Eye Candy Publishing by  15 May 2018.
  • Eye Candy Publishing will invite interested parties to a nonbinding private presentation of the project.
  • Sales partners commit to displaying the books for sale in the hotel rooms and other logical outlets on the property.
  • Sales partners receive the books on consignment, ie only sold or opened books will be invoiced.
  • Delivery of the books to your property is free of charge.
  • Monthly accounting and invoicing of sold books.
  • Wholesale price of CHF 105.– per copy.
  • Retail price of CHF 150.– is binding.
  • Partner enters an agreement of exclusivity, ie they will refrain from selling any other similar books via its rooms from the time of publication of Gstaad Through the Eyes of the Falcon throughout 2019 with the exception of books that have been sold in this manner before engaging in this partnership.


  • Print runs: 10‘000 copies
  • Publication date: December 2018
  • Distribution: Exclusive customized pre-sales to select societies and clubs; exclusive sales of the book in local hotels; local distribution via book shops; global distribution via Amazon.


Eye Candy Publishing

Müller Medien
Kirchstrasse 6
3780 Gstaad

Email (markus I will set up an Eyecandy g mail account for here)
Phone 033 748 88 74