Gstaad Through the Eyes of the Falcon

Gstaad Through the Eyes of the Falcon

Eye Candy Publishing Europe and Müller Medien proudly announce the publication of Gstaad Through the Eyes of the Falcon.

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This is not your regular book project. It is a coffee table book that is unique because it takes its readers high above the ground and displays gorgeous views only falcons and their feathery companions get to see. It shows familiar landscapes from an awe inspiring and breathtaking perspective.

Eye Candy Publishing Europe profits from the extensive publication experience of its partners. ORCA EIRL has published similar books on Chile, which recently appeared in the 4th edition an won the Theobaldo de Nigris Prize 2017. Müller Medien is the local publishing house with extensive local knowledge and publishing experience.

We invite you to be part of this project and to display what you love most in the pages of this book or to become a sales point for this exclusive product. Let us know what you’d like, we take care of the rest.