The beginnings of the publishing house are closely tied to the «Anzeiger von Saanen». Emil Müller, who owned a printing house in Gstaad, in 1924 managed to acquire the rights to print and publish the «Anzeiger», which was previously produced in Thun. The «Anzeiger» is still the flagship of our company. However, products and offers have diversified over the decades. Apart from the newspaper we also offer two glossy magazines, one of them in English and the other one is trilingual. They inform guests, patrons, and locals about life in Gstaad and its surroundings with background stories, interviews, and the latest news.

We hope to inform, entertain and, not least, to establish a binding link between the local population and the tourists, guests, and patrons. Our products, just as the publishing house itself, are all rooted in our region. Our motto is: from and for the Saanenland. We strive to keep the cultural heritage alive and to take part in building the future. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions please do get in touch via the contact form or send us an email.


Müller Medien AG
Kirchstrasse 6
Postfach 201
3780 Gstaad

Tel. 033 748 88 74