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We are a regional publisher in Gstaad, Saanenland. We publish a local newspaper, various magazines, books, postcards, posters and more.
You are welcome to browse here and find out about our publications and products as well as the people behind them. You will also find a selection of our products in our publishing program.

Feel free to come by in our offices in Gstaad. We are looking forward to welcoming you!

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Lauenen – ein Blick in die Vergangenheit

Fr. 79.–
Best.Nr.: 250.050
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Gstaader Geschichten – frisch von der Leber weg

Fr. 47.–
Best.Nr.: 250.109
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Stories from Gstaad (candidly told)

Fr. 47.–
Best.Nr.: 250.108
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Äs git’s nume hie

Fr. 22.–
Best.Nr.: 250.107
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Flurnamen – Kuhalpen Saanenland

Fr. 28.–
Best.Nr.: 250.106
An stillen Wassern im Berner Oberland – Natur erleben an mehr als 100 Seen und Seelein

Fr. 46.50
Best.Nr.: 250.031
HALT Polizei!
Der vergiftete Heustock und andere Landjägergeschichten

Fr. 34.–
Best.Nr.: 250.028
Saanetütsch: Dialektwörterbuch

Fr. 28.–
Best.Nr.: 250.103
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