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Müller Medien AG

Your local newspaper and book publisher

We are a regional publisher in Gstaad, Saanenland. We publish a local newspaper, various magazines, books, postcards, posters, and more.

It’s a pleasure to present our products and the team. Don’t miss our most recent books in the news column on the right.

We hope you enjoy browsing our website and are looking forward to hear from you or to welcome you in our offices in Gstaad!

Your Müller Medien team


Latest publications

Passion | Fr. 50.– | Best.Nr.: 250.099

Saanenland: eine Geschichte – eine Zukunft / une histoire – un avenir |Fr. 49.– | Best.Nr. 250.098











News: Calender 2019 pre-sales are on

The new calendar will be produced in the coming months. The pictures have been selected and you can have a preview on this website. If you’re quick to order, you profit from an exclusive pre-sale bargain.

Check it out now: Calendar Preview